Threading sculpts your eyebrows like no other treatment. Your therapist, Sue can guide

the thread so that it creates the perfect shape for your face.

Threading works by using organic cotton which is doubled, then twisted. It is then used by

rolling over the unwanted hair and plucking them out at follicle level. Unlike tweezing, more

than one hair is pulled out at one time making the process quicker. Threading can remove

all kinds of hairs from the face soft fine to tough stubborn hairs.

Threading is far better than waxing as it provides more precise control in shaping

eyebrows and it is gentle on the skin especially around the lip and eye areas.

Unlike waxing, it is suitable for every skin type. It’s precise - this means, it defines and

enhances your eyebrows; hair is removed from the root - giving it a natural sharp look,

leaving you with beautiful results with a smoother finish.

This technique is endorsed by many celebrities.

Watch this video to see the difference between waxing and threading:

Price List:

Eyebrows:  £12.00 – Eyebrows Reshape: £16.00

Chin:  £9.00

Lip: £7.00

Full Face: £23.00

Eyebrows & Lip: £16.00

Eyebrows, Lip & Chin: £19.00

Lip & Chin - £14.00

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